Yahoo Messenger is no more, you can download Yahoo chats if you want

Once considered the king of the messaging world, the Yahoo Messenger app is now officially closed. Recall that the California company Yahoo announced last month that it would shut down Yahoo Messenger. Users will no longer be able to access the chat in this app and will not receive any services. Even if you download this app on your device, you will not be able to log in to this app. However, the company is being given the option to store chats. Yahoo has announced that users will be able to save chat history on their computers by November. After that, the app will have no access.

It was reported last month that Yahoo is advising its users to use the invoice group messaging app Yahoo Squirrel. This application is currently in beta and users can run it if they wish. As we told you, you can’t access Yahoo Messenger. However, users can download chat history to their personal computer or device. To do this you need to go to the downloader request site and sign in here. Then select a verification process and then enter the account password. Click to download it, then enter the email id where you want to mail the chat history. Then click OK. Now you can check the chat history file in your email. Then download the file from here.

Even if you have the app installed on your phone, you can’t sign in to Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo has suggested that users should delete the app from their phone after downloading the chat history.

Remember Yahoo Messenger was launched in 1998 by Jerry Young and David Philo. If seen, this messaging app has been a part of our lives and yours for almost 20 years. At one time the Yahoo Messenger service was the most popular, especially as it emerged as a great alternative to email and SMS messaging. But after the introduction of smartphones, Facebook and WhatsApp, the world of social media and messaging changed completely. Users are slowly moving away from this platform as it causes damage to Yahoo Messenger.

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