You can also send money through WhatsApp, UPI feature has been introduced

Until now there were options like sending photos, videos, documents and location in addition to chatting with WhatsApp. You will now be able to send money through this messenger. UPI (Universal Payment Interface) has been launched in WhatsApp Beta for Android and iOS users. This feature allows users to make money transactions through WhatsApp. For iOS it comes with WhatsApp version 2.18.21 and iOS 2.18.41. Explain that there are a significant number of WhatsApp users in the country. The pairing of UPI and WhatsApp is being seen as a big step in the world of digital payments.

Let’s find out earlier about this feature of UPI on WhatsApp Gizmotims Please note that this feature is currently only available to a limited number of users in the WhatsApp beta. This feature is provided in the attached section of the chat window. Now the UPI option has been added to the list of galleries, videos, documents. After clicking it, a window opens, where options for banks begin to appear.

You can then connect to UPI using your bank account. New UPI users need to create their own authentication PIN here. Also, if you haven’t used it yet, you’ll need to create a UPI account by going directly to UPI or the bank’s website or app.

PhoneArena A report from the United States states that both users (payers and recipients) must have this payment feature in order to make money transactions from WhatsApp. There are also some complaints about the difficulty in connecting bank accounts with this feature.

Let’s find out the UPI feature in WhatsApp Discussion Effective July 2017. This feature was also seen in August last year. Since the government announced the UPI, companies like Samsung, Jomato, Google have been keen to integrate it with their hardware and software. WhatsApp has finally done it by ‘beating’.

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