You can now ask someone for money through WhatsApp

WhatsApp Android Beta users can now request Rs 2,000 on their contact list. This feature was observed during the test. WhatsApp Payments currently allows users to send money. The ‘Request Meaning’ feature is still visible, but it is not effective. Other than that this feature of WhatsApp is limited between UPI ID and QR code. It is a part of Android Beta Update v 2.18.113 and is reportedly out of reach of most users. For information, let us know that the UPI based payment feature is being tested in India.

WhatsApp payment

To use the new ‘Request Meaning’ feature, you need to have version v2.18.113. This will go to Settings – Payment – New Payment Options. Next, you need to select ‘UPI ID’ and ‘Scan QR Code’. After verification, select the recipient. The ‘Pay Money’ and ‘Remit Money’ as well as ‘Request Money’ options can be selected here. Remember, only the remittance facility was started earlier.


Request money for WhatsApp

Anyone who has requested to send money will receive an SMS. This can be from an app like Bank or ‘Phone Pay’. It depends on the user which UPI they have adopted. Google Teasers has received this notification in the application itself. The full details will be seen later in the ‘History of Payments’.

… how did you like the new feature of WhatsApp? Is it convenient? Did you accept it? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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