You have to wait a long time for the new emoji, find out the reason

The fun of chatting online with friends, family members or relatives is different but ’emoji’ makes this fun even more fun. Every year the Unicode Consortium releases new fun and funny emoji sets for us, through which we make a simple message interesting. These are not only effective for laughter, we are also able to express our feelings very well. A new set of emojis was released in January, which was part of Unicode Standard Version 13.0. But before its release in March, the Unicode Consortium said that next year’s version would be delayed by 14.06 months. The reason behind this is Covid-19 disease, caused by the coronavirus epidemic, which is currently fighting the whole world. This means that the emoji sets that were launched in March 2021 will now be launched in September 2021 due to delays.

The Unicode Consortium has pushed back the entire Unicode Standard 14.0 due to delays in getting the next generation of emoji. I tell you, Unicode is a standard information technology character coding system, used in constant encoding, presentation and title text.

Your blog Post Mark Davis, president of the Unicode Consortium, also announced a change in the consortium’s schedule.

Now that the 2021 emoji has been delayed due to coronavirus, the consortium says version 13.1 is likely to be released. According to the blog post, newer emojis of version 13.1 may be introduced based on existing emojis.

Technology companies like Google, Apple, Twitter publish their own emojis based on these emojis after Unicode Consortium emojis are published, it takes a long time.

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