Your and our most important complaint is going to be away from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has released an update to the latest beta on Android and iPhone, after which eight users can now enjoy simultaneous video calling instead of the maximum four of group video calls. A report has recently been published claiming that the instant messaging app is working on this feature. In fact, people are following social distances around the world at the moment, which is why schools, colleges and offices are closed and people are working from home and taking online classes. The use of Zoom and Google Dove has grown exponentially in such situations, as the app can connect a few people together to a group call. Given this, WhatsApp doesn’t want to be left behind either.

WabetaINfo’s website tracks the features of WhatsApp Report According to, now WhatsApp group voice or video calls can connect up to eight users at once. Previously it could add up to four users. This extended limit has been added to WhatsApp v220.133 beta for Android and WhatsApp v2.20.50.25 beta for iPhone. WhatsApp is enabling this feature for beta users on both platforms, but it suggests that the feature may soon roll out to stable variants as well.

The report states that users will only be able to take advantage of this feature in the latest beta version. If you’ve already updated and you still don’t see this feature, you can back up and install WhatsApp and your chat history and uninstall and reinstall it to get the latest configuration from the server. It further states that WhatsApp is slowly starting it, so all users should get activation from the server within a few hours.

To make a group call on WhatsApp, you need to open the group and click the call button at the top right. If there are more than eight users in the group, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to call within eight contacts and if the number of users is eight or less, direct calls will start. Group members who are not saved in your phone’s contact list will not be added to the call.

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