YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Services Launched in India, Learn What’s Special

YouTube Music (Ad-Supported), YouTube Music Premium (Ad-Free), YouTube Premium (Ad-Free) services have been launched in India. Note that these two services were launched in 17 countries in June last year and about 8 months later it is now launched in the Indian market. YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have already joined Google Play Music and Google Play Movie Services.

Shortly after the launch of Spotify, YouTube music was launched in India. According to YouTube, a separate mobile application for YouTube music (YouTube Music) and a web-based desktop interface for streaming music will be available. With this service users will get original songs, albums, playlists and artist radios. In addition, live performances, remixes and music videos can be found on YouTube’s own catalog.

YouTube music subscription plans and offers

The company is providing two types of services. The first is YouTube Music which is free and ad-supported, the second is YouTube Music Premium which is paid and ad-free. Users receiving a premium subscription will be able to play songs and videos in the background of the YouTube Music app even while working on mobile.

You have to pay 99 rupees per month for YouTube Music Premium. Under the introduction offer, free subscription is being given for three months. Note that only users who have not used YouTube or Google Music streaming services will benefit from this offer.

YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Music Premium

YouTube says that paid customers of Google Play Music will automatically receive a subscription to YouTube Music Premium, without having to pay separately. The YouTube Music app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. YouTube Music will compete in India with apps like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Geosavan and Gunner. With the exception of Amazon Music, all other services are planned from Rs 99.

Another is YouTube Premium. For this, in addition to the free subscription of YouTube Music Premium, the user has to pay Rs 129 per month. In addition, customers will be able to access the original YouTube. You will not need any more apps for this.

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