YouTube shorts will hit another tickle option, the Instagram reel

YouTube’s short video feature YouTube Shorts has been introduced by Google, which allows users to create and share 15-second videos. This feature seems to be quite familiar to the audience … Yes, this is another tickling option introduced by Google. Earlier Instagram provided a similar feature through its Reels feature. Google has recently launched a beta version of YouTube Shorts in India. Significantly, its alternatives are only being made available in India after the TickTock ban, the app is also facing challenges in the US, hopefully YouTube Shorts was also launched in the US after India. To go

Google has introduced this feature Announcement This feature includes a new camera and some editing tools that, when notified, will launch in a few weeks. In YouTube shorts, users can create 15-second videos, while videos created by others can be found on the YouTube homepage, which will be called Shorts Shelf.

YouTube has its own blog Post It shares information on the feature, which allows Android users in India to make a 15-second video using the feature. For this, they need to click the Create button located at the bottom of the navigation. Depending on the post, you can create and upload videos by clicking the “+” icon below. If you get the option to create short videos, you can get access to the short camera, which includes features like speed control, time, music clips and add multiple clips.

Users currently do not have short camera access they can upload 60 seconds long vertical video titles and #shorts in description with hashtags.

Chris Jaffe, vice president of product management at YouTube, revealed on the blog that the feature will soon be rolled out to iOS and other countries as well. Not only that, many more new features will be added soon, he said.

Notably, YouTube is working on the TickTalk clone, which has been in the headlines since the beginning of this year. Although this news in June Confirmation It was done.

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